Calathea: 23 beautiful types of calathea plants, along with pictures

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It takes a minute to look at the eye-catching green foliage of the Calatheas plant, which tells us that they are a popular plant. However, this plant has more varieties to choose from. Each types of calathea have its own-colored foliage to fall in love with it.

Calathea plant has a collection of varieties to fall in love with. However, to explore them, you must read some calathea species discussed in this blog. This primary plant enhances your home’s beauty as its foliage looks pretty and bright.

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What type of plant is a calathea

Calathea plant is a well-known house plant because of its beautiful leaves and arrangement. This plant is gorgeous and requires low maintenance in your home garden. It can be grown as outdoors and indoors. The main thing to grow these plants is where they grow best and what type of plant you buy.

This plant has wide varieties; each one is different from the others. This article provides an overview of different types of calathea plants so you may know which type is suitable for you. Regardless of its kind, the eye-catching foliage of this plant helps you to move towards that plant.    

How many types of calathea are there

Several calathea varieties are present in our world, but here, we will discuss a few. These types are easier to find out and have unique characteristics. So, here is a photo of every plant type to make your choice easier.

1) Round Leaf – common types of calathea

Calathea types with round leaves

This plant has the following features and different requirements to grow well.

  • Leaves are 8 to 12 inches wide.
  • Leaves have leathery touch.
  • They have creamy and light-green stripes on the leaves.
  • It grows in humid and well-draining soil.
  • It requires less shade to grow.

2) Rattlesnake Calathea

A variety of the calathea rattlesnake

The rattlesnake plant has different facts like

  • Long and narrow, light-green leaves.
  • Leaves have edges with dark green marks.
  • The plant requires bright filtered light.
  • The plant uses rich and well-drained soil.

3) Furry Feather -calathea variety

A type of calathea with furry feathers

This plant has the following characteristics like

  • Leaves have lance-shaped green foliage and a velvety purple shade on the underside.
  • It has a long burgundy stem.
  • It can tolerate lower sunlight.

4) Calathea Ornata – Pinstripe

Types of Calathea Ornata

This plant is different from others because of

  • The leaves are dark green, with pink-white stripes on long stems and broad leathery, glossy leaves.
  • This plant can grow in well-draining and moist soil.
  • The stem of this plant is 2 feet tall.

5) Calathea Zebrina – Zebra Plant

Calathea Zebrina

The Zebra plant has hallmarks that distinguish it from others.

  • Its leaves are velvety in appearance and look like Zebra skin. Its stripes have lovely colors.
  • Its flowers are purple and white and grow in spring.
  • It requires high humidity and indirect sunlight or warm temperature.

6) Calathea crocata – purple calathea

Do calatheas flower (Calathea crocata)

This eternal flame plant has characteristics like

  • The leaves are spear-shaped and dark green.
  • The flowers are long and look magnificent with yellow flowers.
  • It grows well in bright sunlight. Morning sun is best for them. 

7) Calathea roseopicta

Calathea roseopicta with variegated leaves

This variegated calathea shows salient features.

  • This plant is 20 inches tall and wide.
  • Rosey plant leaves are large, oval-shaped, and green edges have pink center and purple on the downside.
  • This plant grows well in well-draining soil.
  • It requires a temperature between 65F to 80F. It needs bright filtered light to grow well.

8) Calathea roseopicta ‘Dottie

Roseopicta pink calathea ‘Dottie'

This rose painted calathea is known for these characteristics.

  • This plant has deep green foliage leaves, and it looks almost black. The leaves have a pink outline and are oval.
  • It requires bright, indirect sunlight.
  • It requires mist to grow well.
  • This plant is 20 inches tall and wide at maturity.

9) Calathea makoyana

Calathea makoyana is a variety of peacock plant

This peacock plant shows remarkable features like,

  • It requires bright and indirect sunlight.
  • It has thin dark green to purple, egg-shaped foliage having peacock markings.
  • It requires high humidity.
  • It grows well in fertile soil, has good drainage, and is evenly moist.
  • This plant is sensitive to salt.

10) Calathea ‘Freddie.’

 Calathea ‘Freddie
image source:

This plant exhibits the following characteristics.

  • This plant looks stunning because of its green long narrow leaves.
  • Its leaves have dark green feathery veins.
  • It needs bright and indirect sunlight to grow well.
  • This plant never grows if it doesn’t contain humidity, so proper moisture is required.

11) Calathea music ‘PP0005.’

 Calathea music 'PP0005.'

This plant is known because of its beautiful features

  • It has the stunning texture of tiny green leaves.
  • This plant grows well in strong and indirect sunlight.
  • The best position to place this plant is the East or West window.

12) Marantifolia – calathea type

Calathea Marantifolia

This one is a beautiful banana-like plant that belongs to the Marantaceace family and has the following characteristics,

  • It has enormous, broad; stalked foliage leaves 39 inches long.
  • It has a greenish arrangement of plants and bright yellow flowers.

13) Calathea ‘Fusion White.’

Calathea ‘Fusion White.’

This white fusion plant is a fantastic plant having characters like,

  • It has white and green marbling on the foliage and is a bright purple color on the lower side of the leaves.
  • This one is best for you if you love showy and bright plants. 
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14) Calathea albertii ‘White Tiger.’

Calathea albertii ‘White Tiger.’

This fantastic plant called as White Tiger has well-known features like,

  • It has a charming white pattern on the dark green leaves in the form of waves.
  • If paired with other varieties, it shows a splash of colors.

15) Calathea roseopicta ‘Medallion.’

types of calathea roseopicta
  • This plant foliage has a specific sheen on the surface with having silver color, and the base color is emerald green.
  • The back of the leaves has a purple shade.

16) Calathea Bachemiana

Calathea Bachemiana - calathea flowers

This one is an evergreen plant having calathea flowers. It is also known as Maranta Regeliana and Maranta Kegeliana.

  • This plant variety is common in Brazil.
  • It grows best in a half-shady environment and moist soil as a baby plant.

17) Calathea Loeseneri – green calathea

Calathea Loeseneri- green calathea
image source:

This plant is also called Goeppertia Loeseneri and Brazilian Star Calathea. Its main features are

  • The leaves are big, oval-shaped, light green, and have white to light green midrib. These leaves are attached to long stalks or petioles.
  • Its lower is star-shaped and three inches long; therefore, it is called Brazilian Star Calathea.
  • It has pinkish-to-white, lance-shaped small bracts that look like petals.

18) Calathea Latifolia

Calathea Latifolia
  • Calathea Latifolia is a unique plant that grows along the road of central Panama.
  • It has a height of 6.5 feet.
  • This plant can easily be recognized by its large, thin, pleated heliconia-like foliage and purple arrangement of floral parts.

19) Calathea Louise

Calathea Louise

This plant has light green with deep green leaf shaped

  • It is native to Brazil and can also be found in non-tropical southern regions of the USA.
  • Calathea Louise has significant, oval, dark green leaves.
  • The leaves have a stunning, pale greenish-white feathery pattern that runs along the mid-vein of each leaf.
  • This one is a compact plant that is one foot in height when it grows.

20) Calathea Majestica – types of calatheas

Calathea Majestica

This is the most beautiful variety of Calathea plants. This plant is called White star or Goeppertia Majestica and has the following characteristics.

  • Ornata species can be grown from it.
  • This plant contains white stripes from the midrib and extends to its leaf blades.

21)  Calathea Gymnocarpa

Calathea Gymnocarpa

This plant is also known as Goeppertia Gymnocarpa and is native from Colombia to Nicaragua. The features of this plant are as follows.

  • This plant variety has long, dark green foliage with a striped texture.
  • It also has wavy leaf edges.

22) Calathea Ecuadoriana – calatheas types

Calathea Ecuadoriana
image source: Wikipedia

This plant is an herbaceous Calthea variety whose main features are as follows.

  • It has enormous and stunning leaves.
  • The upper part of the leaf is olive-green, whereas the veins and midrib are lighter-colored, whereas the leaf’s lower side is between purple and dark red.
  • Each leaf has a velvety look.
  • Calathea Ecuadoriana’s inflorescence has light green bracts and yellow bloom flowers.

23) Calathea Albertini (Albert’s Prayer Plant)

Calathea Albertini
image source:

The remarkable feature of albertii plant are:

  • They have dark green foliage and light green feathery patterns on the central vein.
  • The second name of this plant is Emerald Feather Calathea. It has exotic leaves and with hardy nature.
  • Its fellow plants are Calathea Tristar and Maranta Leuconeura, with which this plant grows.


Which Calathea plant is best?

Round-leaf Calathea, called Orbifolia and Rattlesnake Calathea, are the best plants because they are easy to grow and require fewer conditions. They don’t need any specific situation.

What is the benefit of calathea?

Calathea plant is a houseplant that purifies the air and is healthier for indoor climates. Its specialty is that it closes its leaves at night and in the morning.  

Does calathea like sun or shade?

Calatheas grow well in medium and indirect sunlight but can tolerate lower light too. However, bright direct sunlight can cause the different colors on their leaves to fade. The leaves may burn and scorch if the sunlight is exposed for longer.


This article is related to the Calathea plant and its types that are easy to grow and readily available. This plant has more varieties and can grow well in well-drained soil. This plant has different features that differentiate it from other plants. Its leaves have more types which beautify its nature.

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