A guide about seven different types of aloe vera plant

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We as humans love to grow different plants as we are nature lovers. Humans have raised various types of aloe vera plant. It is widely used for decoration and medicinal purposes. Aloe vera is also an excellent plant because of its therapeutic properties, and the skin uses its gel to promote health and beauty. According to research, the Aloe vera plant has 250 species and is grown for its health benefits. Wild species of aloe vera plant can live for centuries.

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Aloe vera Barbadensis is primarily cultivated in North Arica. We all know about all aloe vera plants and their benefits for human beings. But we don’t know about its types, so read here to discover its different types and how to care for them. The different types are according to their color, size, and shape.

This primary plant helps regain the woman’s beauty by applying latex to the skin and hair. Aloe vera gel contains 96 percent water and latex, also called a laxative. The application of aloe vera gel on the skin is a central part of women’s beauty.

So, let’s take a deep sniff and realize you are in the garden with aloe vera plants of different types. Here some of them are discussed in detail with a care guide. After reading this article, you may learn how to grow aloe vera plant types. Then, you can choose the perfect aloe vera that suits your home’s beauty. This house plant increases your home’s beauty as well as your charms.

Botanical name:

Aloe vera

Spectacular types of aloe vera plants explained

Aloe vera is a succulent plant whose genus is Aloe. It is present species all over the world. Aloe vera is its botanical name and has two parts: “aloe” means having an uncertain origin, and “vera” means true. It contains a liquid called a shining bitter substance. The aloe leaf contains the fluid used by many people for medicinal purposes. “Vera” means true in Latin, so aloe vera means “true aloe.”

The variety of Aloe present as a succulent plant is considered ornamental because it flourishes in your house in a warm and cold climate. This plant has peculiar behavior that it grows anywhere. This plant has thick, fleshy leaves having spikes at its sides. They have a rich shade of green color.

Some of its types are discussed here that can be planted easily. The care of each plant type is also discussed in this article. You can briefly overview aloe vera plant types and supervision. All of its kinds look the same, but their properties are different. A few are helpful for healing, and others are used for medicinal purposes.

Types of aloe vera plant

1) Aloe Aculeata “Prickly Aloe.”

A type of aloe vera plant called prickly aloe

This plant is different from other types and is recognized among all other types. This specie has spines on the leaves because the spines originate from white base bumps. This plant grows well in well-drained conditions. Yet this plant doesn’t need water conditions. The such plant grows by seed when the temperature is warm in summer and spring.

General care for Aloe Aculeata

This plant requires care from winter rain and low temperatures. They must be planted on balconies to protect them from winter rain. Their pot must be positioned to bright window bottoms if grown indoors.

2) Aloe Vera “Medicinal Aloe.”

Medicinal Aloe

This plant comes from the Arabian Peninsula and is grown in hot environments worldwide. It is used for agricultural and medicinal purposes. This plant grows by the cutting method. If you want to share this plant with others, you must remove its offsets.

General Care for Aloe Vera

This plant uses low natural rainfall, making it ideal for rowing in rockeries and low-water landscapes. This plant needs well-drained, sandy soil that contains humus and bright, sunny light.

3) Aloe Africana “African Aloe.”

African Aloe

This plant is the main variety of South African Aloe, showing a unique focal point in the garden. This plant requires more water in summer and more or less in winter. However, such plants don’t need more water to moisten their roots. This plant grows by the splitting of the root balls.

General Care for Aloe Africana “African Aloe”

Aloe is an effectively flexible plant, and a well-developed Aloe is considered more lovely. However, like all other Aloe plants, this plant never grows in standing water. So, this plant requires proper monitoring of overwatering in the soil.

4) Aloe Albida “Grass Aloe.”

 Aloe Albia is a type of aloe vera plants

This plant is a small variety of Aloe with orange flowers and white. It prefers mountainous grassland environments and is selected to roe the areas where grasses are relatively small. This plant requires proper watering throughout its growing period. But in winter, they get water when the temperature is hot. This plant grows by using its seeds or suckers. The best time to plant a seed is the spring season, which provides them with the best requirements to develop before the summer. The best soil for its growth is sandy, sieved ground with rotted lea.


General Care for Aloe Albida “Grass Aloe”

This plant requires the ideal conditions to grow. This plant species grows well in a brownish-red clay pot.

5) Aloe Arborescens “Krantz Aloe”

Krantz Aloe- types of aloe vera plant

This is called torch aloe, a beautiful type of aloe plant with vibrant red flowers. Its common name used in South Africa is Krantz Aloe. This plant shows similarity with the Aloe vera plant from a medicinal point of view. It is used as an antifungal, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory agent. It offers its habitat from down sea level to the top of mountains.

Aloe Arborescens requires a standard quantity of water; overwatering causes the plant to rot. This plant grows by seeds and stems cuttings. The seed requires soft, well-drained soil and a warm shady place. Its germination requires three weeks. The seedlings are grown earlier by keeping them moist.  By stem cutting, its stem is cut, and when it is dry then, it is cultivated in well-drained soil.

General Care for Aloe Arborescens “Krantz Aloe”

This plant can grow anywhere in potted culture and desert areas. When planted in potted culture, they are kept indoors in a bright window. When there is summer, then keep them on a porch or shady place. In winter, please keep them in the room.

6) Aloe Arenicola “Sand Aloe.”

Sand Aloe

This one is a vigorous aloe plant that shows its growth with horizontal stems having tiny well-spaced leaves until it grows upright, having larger leaves. This plant doesn’t need much water, even during the summer season. However, the plant may get rot if it is overwatered. This plant grows by its root offset. This is the fastest-growing technique.

General Care for Aloe Arenicola “Sand Aloe”

This aloe plant grows well in full sun, so you must position its pot in a bright sun porch. But primary care is needed during rain. You have to water the plants when the soil is dried out. It only grows in a pot having a drainage opening.

7) Aloe Ferox “Bitter Aloe.”

Bitter Aloe

This plant is also called bitter Aloe. Aloe ferox looks identical to Aloe excelsa when it is completely grown. However, both plant types have different flowers. This plant is present in South Africa along with cape aloe, which forms a rosette of green succulent plants. It produces dark orange stamens joined to the mouth of plants, and its flowers are red-orange. This plant is grown by seeds and head cuttings. It takes up to five years to reach the developed stage from the base.

General Care for Aloe Ferox

This plant grows well in dry and wet climates, sandy and loamy soil, and open and fully sunny areas. However, they don’t require excess water for their growth. Therefore, they should have a different drainage system.


Does Aloe vera need direct sunlight?

Yes, it requires direct sunlight. If it is placed in the window, then its stem becomes weak. The room window only carries 6 hours of daylight. However, this plant starts to stretch and lose its attraction. So, in this case, it shows the best growth in direct sunlight.

Is aloe vera a hybrid plant?

Aloe vera is a natural plant used in cosmetics, but its hybris can also be made by joining two aloe vera plants with cross-pollination. A hybrid aloe vera plant has more resistant and stronger genes that survive well in harsh environments.

What does aloe vera do to the skin?

Aloe vera contains antioxidants, enzymes, and vitamins A and C. It helps to treat burns and provides a soothing effect on the skin. It works best on superficial surface acne but doesn’t do action in deeper acne.


The above research concludes that aloe vera plants have many types, and every one has its uses. All of them are similar in shape, but their properties are different. Mainly they are used in cosmetics and medicines. This article gives you an overview of aloe vera plants and their types. However, when you are going to plant this, then remember it cares only.

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