Ultimate guide about the seeds

Things You Should Know

Before Sowing

  • Know the exact time of planting

  • Prepare the soil well add little compost before planting in the spring

  • Make Sure which vegetables need shade and which vegetables are tall, so they do not shade shorter plants

  • Clean weed from your garden for saving nutrients

  • The seed should be good in quality

  • Be prepared to protect seedlings from cold weather

  • Starting seeds indoors several weeks before the planting dates

  • Before planting for the warm season, you can warm the soil by using black plastic or forming a mound

How to plant

  • Firm the soil once seeds are sown

  • Make Sure by sowing seeds, add some space between them

  • Sow the seeds at proper depth according to instructions written on the packet

  • Watering seeds carefully, just moist soil with a bit of shower

  • Mark the spot where you want to do seedlings with the help of a popsicle stick or anything you want; this will help you to differentiate between seedlings and weeds

Caring of

  • Keep the soil moist, and don’t let it to be dry.

  • Protect your seeds from pets by using the net, or little plant collars

  • Provide cages or polls for support

  • Embezzle leggy plants. It simply involves pruning the top of the plant back to its next set of leaves. It will encourage more branches, so your plant does not get leggy and grows more compactly.

  • Do proper monitoring

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