How to wrap a plant and make it into lovely gifts

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A live thing is the best kind of present you can give. It is easy to find out how to wrap a plant for gifts to your loved ones. Get some easy-to-print leaf plant tags to adorn your plant gift. Well, here we are 20 years later, and I still think houseplants are the greatest gifts you can give. Plants make excellent presents since the recipient can take pleasure in them for a long time, and you can simultaneously show off your green thumb.

In this article, I will explain the proper way to offer a plant as a present, provide a list of suitable plant gifts, and supply a wealth of creative ideas for presenting plants in containers. Giving a plant as a present is a great way to demonstrate gratitude, celebrate an occasion, or express gratitude.

You can offer plants as holiday presents, housewarming gifts, birthday gifts, Mother’s Day gifts, party favors, and any other occasion. There’s something quite special about presenting a plant as a present because of how thoughtful it is. Besides being thoughtful and appreciated, giving someone a live plant as a gift is a terrific way to brighten their day, add color to their home, and even improve the air quality. This article will provide tips for wrapping a plant for gifts.

Tips for choosing the perfect plant for a gift

Beautiful and adaptable to any level of gardening expertise or personal taste, live plants are the perfect present. However, research is essential to select the appropriate plant for the recipient’s needs before presenting a flower as a gift.

Is there a chance that your pal has a flower allergy? In that case, rather than sending a bouquet, you should provide a succulent.

Do you know if your next-door neighbor has any pets? The plant you’re planning to give them must be safe for the recipient’s pets.

Does someone in your family not like the color purple? Then, don’t give plants with purple flowers as presents.

Wrapped Potted Plants

Wrapped Potted Plants

Giving someone a plant as a present is a magical thing to do. In addition, it’s a cherry on top if you can show off our flora charmingly and entertainingly. Creating the impression of a paper-to-wrap potted plant is simple; I’ll show you several different approaches.

Gifting a perennial plant is thoughtful, but it might be tricky to determine which species will thrive in the recipient’s environment. Herbs are another option for plant presents, but they won’t survive the winter unless the recipient brings them indoors.

Potted houseplants, in my opinion, make the most thoughtful and beautiful presents. I would suggest sending houseplants that are simple to maintain and will thrive in various environments as a gift unless the recipient already has experience with such things.

How to gift wrap a potted plant.

A square of burlap and some twine may provide a charming country accent for any container. It’s easy to make a neat and even burlap pot sleeve by setting the jar in the center of a burlap square and then folding the excess fabric upward so that it completely encases the pot in smooth, pleated folds.

Burlap’s unfinished look is part of its charm, so there’s no need to neaten the edges at the top. Instead, add hot glue to the folds to keep them in place, and then tie them together with some strong twine. Adding a few sprigs of live evergreens can give your display that additional Christmas touch it needs.

How to wrap a plant with brown wrapping paper

How to wrap a plant with brown wrapping paper

The following steps must be kept in mind while wrapping the plant.

  • Make a square out of your paper first. Then, fold the paper in half diagonally and trim off the excess to form a triangle.
  • Then, attach two of the pot’s opposite corners using hot glue.
  • Attach the remaining two opposite corners of your pot using hot glue.
  • Please fold the paper around the pot and fix it with a bit of super glue to make a makeshift gift tag.
  • Indoor plants such as philodendrons, cast iron plants, corn plants, snake plants, Chinese evergreens, succulents, pathos, subfield, peperomia, arrowhead vine, and arrowheads are great presents.

Supplies need to gift wrap a plant pot.

Supplies need to gift wrap a plant pot

Gift-wrapping plant containers can be done in a wide variety of styles. Below, I expand on three of these methods (wrap with fabric, cover with paper and wrap with leaves). You’ll need the following materials to begin wrapping your plant pots:

Craft Supplies: Artificial Monstera Leaves, Fabric Paper, Scissors, a glue gun, yarn, and a glass jar.

How to wrap a plant with a fabric towel

How to wrap a plant with a fabric towel

Wrapping a baby kale plant in a towel or burlap is a simple task that requires only a few basic materials. To start, you must have some kale plant, something made out of cloth (I used a thin striped dish towel), something similar to yarn, and tacky glue.

To wrap your kale plant, position it in the exact middle of your fabric. The next step is folding your cloth like a present, starting at the top and bottom. After folding the fabric in half, tuck the folded edges beneath the potted plant to form a square. Finally, fold your fabric like paper and use the kale container as the base of a present. Apply a small amount of hot glue from your glue gun to keep the material in place. Next, knot a pretty bow with some yarn and wrap it around your container a few times.


How to make paper plant gift tags

How to make paper plant gift tags

Incorporating a printable leaf plant tag into a gift of a potted plant is the perfect finishing touch, sharp shears, a few toothpicks or 4-inch wooden skewers, and Tacky Glue. Start by printing my Plants Tags file (download link below) at your residence or a nearby print shop. To make a leaf shape, snip it out with some scissors. Next, make a leaf tag by applying a drop of sticky tape to the back and inserting a little wooden skewer. Put the title like this into the ground and plant it.

How to gift a plant

You can allow your imagination to run wild when thinking of creative ways to present plants as gifts. In addition to suggesting materials, I’ll also demonstrate some simple approaches to wrapping plants as presents. You can use them as-is or combine them to create an entirely new style suitable for any event.

It doesn’t matter if you’re arranging plants at home or picking up a few at the store to give as presents. Any of these techniques can be used. So I say, enjoy yourself to the fullest!

Inspirational Plant gift wrapping ideas

Among houseplants, succulents are adorable Christmas presents. Succulents are pretty popular. So, for this, I’ve decided to give a good family friend a Christmas gift of a combination of two of my favorite succulent plants. Due to its adorable nature, I chose a straightforward approach and wrapped a Christmas bow around the planter.

Steps of wrapping Christmas Succulent

Steps of wrapping Christmas Succulent

First, put your succulents in a pot or use the premade succulent garden and place it in the ornamental pool. It is optional at this point. However, step two is placing decorative stones on top of the dirt to give the garden some flair. Thirdly decorate the container with ribbon. If you want to cover the seam between the ribbon, make sure the ends meet where the bow will go. Then, put the rope in place with some transparent tape. As a fourth step, tie a bow across the ribbon’s tails.

Peek-A-Boo Potted Plant Gifts

This is one of my preferred methods of gift-giving for plants because it mimics the look and feels of wrapping paper without actually covering the plant. Also, it’s appropriate for any event! This is the way to go if you want to give someone a plant as a present but don’t want to bother with a fancy pot. If the pool you’re using has drainage holes, place an ornamental cache pot underneath it or a plastic drip tray before covering it. Wrapping paper and the cloth will be spared ruinous moisture seepage through the drain holes if you do this.


Do you know the best way to wrap a potted plant as a present?

To prevent the leaves from being crushed, tape the bottom of a large piece of cellophane together and fold it up, then over the head of the houseplant. Then, cover the pot’s base with wrapping paper or burlap for added flair.

To protect plants, what should one use?

Plants can be saved from all but the most severe freezes (28 degrees Fahrenheit for five hours) if wrapped in sheets, towels, blankets, cardboard, or a tarp. Baskets, coolers, or any item with a firm bottom can be inverted over plants to provide support. It is best to cover plants before bed so the warm air can be trapped overnight.

What’s the best way to give a plant as a present?

An easy way to present a plant as a gift is to place it in a gift bag; just make sure it is big enough to accommodate the plant’s pot and height. To implement this concept, I decided to paint a terracotta pot with a specific design to give it a sense of pattern and make it feel more like mine. As a gift, a plant is typically presented in one of these ways.


Giving someone the gift of greenery is a great way to show them some of your favorite plants or to brighten up their home. The expression on the recipient’s face is priceless, and that’s why giving plants as presents are the greatest. Give a plant as a gift, and you’ll be praised for your thoughtfulness, sophistication, and good taste. Living plants are the ultimate present because they keep giving year after year. So now start making different wrappings for a plant to gift someone.

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