Best ten aquarium carpet plants that increase your pets keeping tank beautiful

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Do you want to decorate your pet’s keeper tank with beautiful aquarium carpet plants?

Fish tank plants make your aquarium looks beautiful; some are placed on the aquarium carpet and are grown horizontally by covering the bottom of your tank, and some are put in the background or midground of the tank; this greenery is very effective for the fish as they make their color pop, some of them don’t need light, while some need low light.

The low-light aquatic plants are usually easy to handle, used for carpeting the bed of a fish tank, and thus provide more decorative effects. In addition, they require minimal light and grow well in different water conditions; the tank keepers focus on a healthy environment for fish by using them.

Following are the best growing carpeting plants you can use for your tank decoration.

1) Dwarf Hairgrass Live – Greenpro

Greenpro Dwarf Hairgrass - aqua carpet plants
image source: Amazon

4.3 out of 5

Dwarf hair grass is sometimes called DHG. Mini Hair grass produces a grass-like lawn or carpet; it grows after some time using fertilizers. It is a low-light aquatic plant that produces oxygen and absorbs carbon dioxide to enhance water quality.

On arrival of pests, snails, and algae, this plant kills them with a 100% guarantee. Before delivery, it will be professionally inspected, packed, and organized with suitable boxes for all weather conditions to ensure that it will retain its freshness and healthiness until delivered to the customer’s hands.


Do plants clean fish tank water?

They are beneficial in cleaning water because they add a unique filtration system that is very helpful as it removes waste excreted from fish.

2) Aquatics Java Fern Microsorum Pteropus – Big Pete’s

Java Fern
image source: Amazon

4.3 out of 5

Java fern is the specimen plant, most widely used as an aquatic plant with a unique leaf structure. It is a high, quality fresh, healthy tropical plant that needs medium sunlight, usually slow growing with a max height of up to 11 inches.  You can place it in the background or midground of your tank; throw it into your water tank it starts growing. The product includes one java fern with approximately six leaves


Do planted fishbowls need filters?

We should filter our fishbowl even if we planted greenery because it cannot remove debris from the water; it only cleans water by absorbing ammonia and carbon dioxide.

3) Salvinia Minima – G’z

Salvinia Minima
image source: Amazon

3.8 out of 5

Salvinia is usually grown on slow-moving freshwater or water which is still. It can be used in lakes, canals, or aquariums. A special light is required if you want to keep it in the tank because its growth can be increased in high light intensities. The strong water movement is not beneficial for the health of this plant.

If this plant is dead in case of arrival, it will replace or issue a full refund.


How long do live plants last in an aquarium?

They live three to four days without light, and if the plant is fragile, we should keep it only for two days because the leaves turn pale quickly, and eventually, it dies.

4)Barteri Coin Leaves Live Aquarium carpet Plants – Mainam Anubias

Anubias Barteri - Aquarium carpet Plants
image source: Amazon

4 out of 5

Anubias barteri is one of the most accessible kinds called coin leaf or gold coin. It adds a long-lasting splash of rich green color to a fish tank. Its growth rate is slow when there is low light. However, it creates a realistic perspective as it saves your aquarium pets.

In a sporadic case, if the live plant is dead on arrival, send the photo within three days to Mainam, but the plant’s life guarantee will be finished after three days of delivery.


Is Anubias suitable for an aquarium?

It is one of the most popular as it is hardy, has strong roots, and has durable green leaves.

5)Hornwort Bunch – AquaLeaf Aquatics

Hornwort Bunch Plant for Ponds or Aquariums
image source: Amazon

3.7 out of 5

Hornwort, known as Coontai, is a natural pond plant that keeps our water quality good by providing oxygen and removing extra nutrients. It helps to neutralize algae, but it always carries a risk of snails. This plant has no roots, so they absorb nutrients through its stems. It also acts as a predator, as small fish and invertebrates can hide in its foliage. This plant can be grown quickly in the fish bowl, turning lighter green over time. They need at least 8 hours of light per day.


Why are my aquarium plants turning black?

Because of the high choke levels in the tank, they turn black; poor lighting, indigent water, or lack of nutrients also causes them to turn black.


6)Red Flame Sword Live

Red Flame Sword - Live Aquarium Carpet Plants
image source: Amazon

3.9 out of 5

The red flame sword is an easy-live plant used as a freshwater aquarium carpet plant. Its red leaves will start coming out once they accumulate in your tank. The transition period is 6 to 8 weeks depending on the light received. It makes your fish tank beautiful and perfect for a mid and large tank. It provides a hiding place for smaller fish and invertebrates.

During winter, do not plant red flame micro swords because temperatures are expected to go below 20F, and in the case of summer, avoid planting red flame swords when temperatures are above 80F. They don’t row in harsh climates, whether hot or cold.


How do you tell if my aquarium greenery is dying?

Nitrogen deficiency, including the pale color of leaves, tells us that they are not well; when the tips of a plant turn yellow, it’s a sign that it needs nitrogen; we should plan accordingly.

7) Anubias, Java Fern, Moss, and More – Greenpro

Greenpro Anubias, Java Fern, Moss
image source: Amazon

3.9 out of 5

Products include Java fern, java moss, and anubias, which are the best aquarium carpet plant because they are easy to drop in your aquarium tank. They are the best food source for fish as they contain nutrients like lignin, cellulose, and tannins. By using them, fish digestion improves. These are made using the latest technology that ensures snail and algae-free tanks. 

These products are packed in suitable boxes for all weather conditions to ensure freshness and healthiness. In addition, by keeping them in a tank, pets find a hiding place and feel safe.


How do you clean aquatic plants?

Remove the algae from them by rubbing the leaves and using 10 percent bleach for only five minutes.

8) Florida 10 Species Live Aquarium Carpet Plants Bundle – AquaLeaf Aquatics

Florida 10 Species Live Aquarium Carpet Plants Bundle
image source: Amazon

4 out of 5

It contains Anubias Barteri, Hornwort, Moneywort, Amazon Sword, Dwarf Sagittaria, Red Melon Sword, Anubias Coin, Hygrophila Araguaya, Java Fern, Vallisneria. They are easy to grow in aquariums of any freshwater. It contains bunches of 10 varieties. Each species ranges from 6 to 12 inches, except Lobelia Cardinalis, which is about 3 inches tall. Each plant has several stems that provide a hiding place for pets or create a habitat for fish and invertebrates.


Can aquarium plants grow with LED lights?

LED lights play a vital role in plant growth but make sure to use those specially made for the aquarium.

9)Anacharis Elodea Densa

Anacharis Elodea Densa  Live Aquarium Plants
image source: Amazon

3.5 out of 5

Anacharis, also known as Egeria densa, is the best plant for beginners. It is hardy and needs low maintenance, having a long green stem with small leaves covering its entire length. It is usually placed on the back wall of your aquarium. If you want to plant several anacharis, keep some space between them because they fight for nutrients. Moderate light is needed for this plant, but they are likely to die if it is too low.


Can I put houseplants in my fish tank?

We keep different household plants in our fish tank, including pothos, spider plants, and much more but use them only by properly knowing them.

10) Staurogyne Repens Tissue Cultured

Staurogyne Repens Tissue Cultured - Foreground Aquarium Plant
image source: Amazon

3.5 out of 5

Staurogyne Repens is a fresh green hardy best carpet plant for aquariums. Its leaves are smaller and have slow growth. While planting, its most extended upright shoot should be cut off. It is perfect for any aquarium size. 20F to 80F temperature is suitable for them. The expected planting period is summer. In contrast, the blooming period is winter or summer.


What Color light is best for aquarium plants?

We may use red and blue color light as aquatic greenery absorb these colors of light; 10 to 12 hours per day is sufficient for both plants and pets; we also install a timer in our tank to monitor carefully.


After doing comprehensive research, we found these ten best aquarium carpet plants that are easy to maintain and enhance the beauty of our fish-keeping tanks. By planting them, we increase the beautification of our tank and provide a suitable environment for predators to hide.

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