12 best indoor hanging plant that is easy to care

best indoor hanging plant

Are you looking for the perfect addition to your home décor that is both stylish and functional? Then look no further than the best indoor hanging plant.

Studies have shown that being around greenery can benefit our mental and physical health. Indoor dangling plants are excellent if you’re looking for a low-maintenance option. They add a touch of green to any room and help purify the air.

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Here are the twelve that beautify your space:

1) Goldfish is the best indoor hanging plant

Ohio Grown Goldfish Plant- best indoor hanging plant
image source; Amazon

Rating 7/10

The goldfish is the best indoor hanging plant that looks like the adorable little fish; it prefers bright filtered light and will die if exposed to the direct sun for too long. However, under ideal conditions, this hanging basket flower blooms prolifically with colors ranging from red, orange, and yellow into blue, purple white. When the surface of your plant is dry, water it thoroughly; perfect for any home decorating style.

Your plant is living in a 6” dangling basket, but please note that its size and shape may vary from what you see in the picture.

2) Heart Leaf Philodendron

 Heart Leaf Philodendron
image source; Amazon

Rating 8/10

Heartleaf Philodendron is a popular houseplant offering year-round beauty. The dark green leaves are often bronze in color when first emerging and have plenty of visual interest with their heart-shaped shape that can reach up to 6 feet tall. This vinery climber usually doesn’t grow taller than 12 inches without support; they like it dry, so don’t let them stay wet for more than two days at most before watering again. Feed monthly with balanced plant food if needed.

The plant you will receive is growing in a 4” pot. It’s called “Heart-leaf Philodendron” and might be one of the easiest house plants to grow.

3) Ocean Spider – best indoor hanging plant

Ocean Spider Plant - best indoor hanging plant
image source; Amazon

Rating 7/10

The Spider Plant is one of the best indoor hanging plants and a favorite of many indoor gardeners because it thrives in low light and needs little care. “Fountains of variegated foliage,” with their characteristic twirls or curly patterns on either green leaf color, make this plant easy to identify as the one you would want around for years.

The plant you will receive is growing in a 6” dangling Basket. It prefers bright, indirect light or artificial lighting and should not be kept wet or dry.

4) Fat Plants San Diego Succulent

 Fat Plants San Diego
image source; Amazon

Rating 8/10

The String of Pearls plant, also known as Senecio rowleyanus and grown for its unique leaves, shaped like small peas on trailing stems that gracefully spill over the sides of planters or dangling baskets, is an excellent addition to any garden.

This fully rooted, succulent plant in a 4-inch industry-standard plastic growers pot with soil will be an excellent addition to your home or office.

5) String of Hearts

String of Hearts- best indoor hanging plant
image source; Amazon

Rating 9/10

The heart-shaped leaves Rosary plant is an excellent houseplant because of their durability. With proper care, this hardy vine can withstand neglect or even periods of extreme drought and still bounce back after just one watering. The leaves are like thin wires with heart-shaped marbled patterns that grow two feet long on average (or more). It should be hung up high, getting enough sunlight while you enjoy your beautiful flowerbeds all around them.

6) Fat Plants San Diego (Donkey Tail Sedum morganianum)

Fat Plants San Diego Succulent Plant
image source; Amazon

Rating 9/10

Sedum morganianums, also known as the donkey tail or a burrito, are succulents that never disappoint. This soft and cuddly plant can grow stems over 12 inches covered with small light green leaves that add an interesting texture to any room. Its soil should be dry ultimately. However, it will do well indoors or outdoors in bright sunlight.

The fully rooted, succulent plant in a 4-inch industry-standard plastic grower pot with soil. It will arrive individually wrapped and cushioning their arrival.

7) Grab Bag Pack Small & Medium Air Plants – Tillandsia

Tillandsia Air Plants
image source; Amazon

Rating 9/10

Air plants are unique and exciting bromeliad plant that doesn’t require soil to grow. They usually have strap-shaped or slender triangle-shaped leaves with new growth appearing from the center of an existing leaf, making them easy for beginners who want something different than traditional houseplants. Air Plant Care is simple – soak your newly acquired friend in water for 20 minutes each week, then allow it to dry out before reusing again next month when needed most.


Sizes vary; most plants will be 2-7 inches tall; these are great for small spaces, like containers and globe pots. You can also use them in wedding centerpieces or as party favors.

8) Double Dip Devil’s Ivy

 Double Dip Devil's Ivy
image source; Amazon

Rating 7/10

Growing the Double Dip plant is one of those easy house plants that will thrive for years in your home. This Epipremnum vine, also called ‘Njoy,’ thrives with little care and prefers bright indirect light or lower lighting levels to medium-high sunlight exposure. Just ensure that water doesn’t go onto its leaves since this can quickly cause damage. Trim as needed, but don’t forget that these hardy Indoor vines need water when their dry soil becomes slightly gummy due to weather changes.

The plant is placed in a 4” Pot dangling Basket, making for great decoration.

9) Asian Pitcher – Nepenthes – Carnivorous

Asian Pitcher Plant
image source; Amazon

Rating 7/10

The rare and exotic house plants, carnivorous, can quickly grow in the morning sun or very bright indirect light. They prefer not too much water, though, since most of them have vines that need support for their sprawling growth habit- insectivores will be attracted by the nectar secretions from these flowers, which give off a fantastic color display.

The plant you’re about to receive grows in a beautiful dangling basket. It has several pitchers, perfect for making an aesthetically pleasing decoration or statement at your home.

10) Staghorn Fern – Exotic House Plant

 Staghorn Fern
image source; Amazon

Rating 9/10

These ferns are epiphytic and grow mounted on plaques or other substrates. Staghorn Ferns usually come in a basket and can be grown under very bright light with plenty of water to keep them moist if it’s not enough for your home climate – but don’t let their roots become dry. Be careful during wintertime because cold temperatures might kill some leaves off. This species likes moderate sunlight, so ensure you provide at least 6 hours’ worth each day.

The large Staghorn plant in a 6” dangling pot is a beautiful and unusual addition to your home. It’s estimated that this dry-hardy succulent will ship within 1-2 days of purchase.

11) Boston Fern

 Boston Fern
image source; Amazon

Rating 9/10

Boston Ferns are perfect for any room in your house. These ferns can grow indoors or out; they’re classic choices for hanging no matter where you put them. Keep them moist with occasional watering to keep the soil from drying out too much. Then, watch as Boston Fertility does all that hard work for you by cleaning up air quality thanks to its natural purifying properties ( NASA ).

Whether you’re looking for a statement piece or an accent, these tall and glamorous plants will add instant flair to your space. Ship them when they are at least 20 inches tall so that we can guarantee their quality.

12) White Christmas Cactus – Zygocactus

White Christmas Cactus - Zygocactus
image source; Amazon

Rating 9/10

Christmas cacti are lovely cactus that requires a lot of sunlight and cool weather to bloom properly. You should ensure your soil is dry on top but still moist towards the bottom so it’s well-drained. A high-quality potting mix will help these tropical beauties thrive in their desired environment.

The plant you will receive grows in a 4” pot and can be grown indoors or outdoors.


Interior designers often use indoor dangling greenery to add extra interest and color to a room. They take up very little floor space and come in various shapes and sizes that can enhance any décor.

Start browsing our best indoor hanging plants list and get ready to transform your living space.

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