10 beautiful Indoor Plants that Grow from Seeds

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Do you want indoor plants that grow from seeds?

Seeds are the easiest and most inexpensive way of having beautiful plants that make your interior super decorative. If you are interested in starting seeds indoors, then you can start with the following:

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1) Avocado Tree Growing Kit

Plants that grow from avocado tree seeds
image source: Amazon

Rating: 8/10

Germination time: 3-6 weeks

Avocado, also called alligator pear, is included in plants that grow from seed; it has egg-shaped leaves that are 4 to 12 inches in length and small greenish flowers; peoples eat avocado fruit as a dessert, and also often used in salads, it fruit contains a rich source of vitamin A and B, control blood sugar, and weight as well.

The avocado pit takes 3 to 6 weeks to crack and starts germinating; these houseplant seeds need moderate water and partial sun. AvoSeedo plastic gadget is also given along the pits; there is a hole in this plastic kit where we can insert an avocado pit; this kit increases the germination success rate.


Do you water seeds every day?

Yes, they need watering once per day to keep the soil moist.

2) Rainbow Coleus Mix

Rainbow Coleus Mix
image source: Amazon

Rating: 8/10

Germination time: 2-3 weeks

Coleus is an easy-to-grow plant that multiplies from seed or by cuttings; you can also place a beautiful coleus in your garden but make sure it should be in partial shade; coleus leaves have a stunning look, a combination of green, yellow, and red, etc. colors.

A seed needs to bring quality coleus non-GMO seeds. All open-pollinated seeds stored in temperature-controlled will grow up to 19 to 30 inches tall while loves to grow in well-drained soil.


How long does it take for seeds to germinate in a paper towel?

Growing seeds in a paper towel take seven days, depending on the environmental condition you provided. If the environment is not suitable, it takes longer.

3) Lithops with High Germination

Lithops 25 Seeds
image source: Amazon

Rating: 8/10

Germination time: 1-2 weeks

If you want to grow beautiful houseplants from bases or cutting, then you must consider Lithops, it is also called “pebble,” a decorated succulent plant that is harder to grow and require more attention; well-drained soil is necessary for Lithops that refrains from any fertilizers as it weakens its tissues, the place is an area where it gets partially shaded sunlight, do watering irregularly but should be deep.

The product includes 25 seeds, one live mini lithops plant, mini germination kit with instructions.


How long does it take for seeds to break soil?

It starts sprouting in two days; once the seed sprouts, remove the water and place it in the soil. Older seeds take above than seven days to grow.

4. African Violet Potting Mix

African Violet Potting Mix
Image source: Amazon

Rating: 10/10

Germination time: 2-5 weeks

African Violets are one of the top choices as an indoor keeping plant that produces a big blossom with brilliant colors; it can be grown from both seeds or cutting.

Use 6 to 8 inches deep container made from clay, plastic, and ceramic; fill 1/3 with light soil mixed with peat moss; whenever repot the plant, use fresh soil; indirect light is required for this plant; you must use fertilizers once after every two weeks, avoid spraying water on the leaves and flowers.


How do you plant seeds in a Ziplock bag?

Place the seeds in a zip lock bag on one side, press it softly, close the bag by sealing it tightly and place it where you want. Then, if you’re going to see seeds, it is visible to you.

5) Succulent Cactus Plant Seed Mix

 Seed mix for succulent cactus plants
image source: Amazon

Rating: 7/10

Germination time: 2-5 weeks

The Cactus is a decorated houseplant that belongs to a succulent family having a unique, striking shape, size, and flowers; it is hardy that needs little maintenance; it does watering when its soil seems dry as it is succulent and stores moisture in its roots, leaves, and stems, perform well in direct sunlight.

Growing houseplants from seed are the cheapest method to keep the plant; Cactus from seeds is cost-saving but are very sensitive; you should protect them from direct sunlight, place the pots in windows where it gets filtered sunlight, use well-drained soil, moist the soil well, press cactus seed into the ground but not cover them, use plastic to hold moisture.


Will vinegar hurt seeds?

Using vinegar allows the outer layer to break down so fast growth starts; soak them in vinegar before planting by keeping the nature of the seed in mind as all the seeds don’t need soaking.

6) English Lavender

English Lavender Seeds
image source: Amazon

Rating: 8/10

Germination time: 1-2 weeks

Lavender, a perennial herb plant with a unique sweet fragrance, is included in popular fancy plants that grow from seed or cutting; it is commonly used in making oils, soap, cosmetics, and perfumes, a valuable source of nutrition that improves our health.


The product includes 1200 grains of Lavender packed in two packets attached with professional instructions. All grains are non-GMO, ripe harvest, and filled in the USA; they grow in well-drained soil; plant 1/8″ deep and do not cover it with soil as it needs light to germinate. Keep it on a balcony or window with 5 to 6 hours of sunlight.


Is baking soda suitable for plants?

Baking soda does not harm them but helps prevent fungi on some plants. It is more effective in vegetable fruits as it minimizes powdery, mildew, and other diseases, especially in spring.

7) Cat Grass – Plants that Grow from Seeds

Wheat Grass Seeds, Cat Grass Seeds,  Plants that Grow from Seed.
image source: Amazon

Rating: 9/10

Germination time: 1 week

Suppose you are a cat lover and keep cats in your home. In that case, you must have grass plants that grow from seeds. Cat grass keeps your cats busy, entertaining them and making them healthy. In addition, it has a lot of vitamins, minerals, iron, calcium, and other nutrients that are not beneficial for cats but for humans too.

Do not soak them before planting; sprinkle grains in the planter having garden soil and put a thin layer of soil; add water, and keep the planter in a calm and dark place as it helps the wheatgrass seed to germinate; the partial sun is required while you can plant in a whole year.


Can you freeze seeds?

We can freeze them (if they are scorched) in a glass jar to avoid damage and protect them from mice if we keep them in the shade.

8) Zombie – Plants that Grow from Seeds

Plants that grow from seeds that look like zombies
image source: Amazon

Rating: 9/10

Germination time: 2 to 3 weeks

The sensitive plant (Mimosa pudica), also called the zombie plant, responds to touch by closing its leaves in a second and re-open in minutes; the seeds are guaranteed to grow indoors for around a year, and the plant can grow up to a height of 1 foot, it has compound leaves and pink flower puff.


Are Mimosa plants poisonous?

The University of California listed Mimosa as non-toxic for humans. University of Connecticut College of agriculture listed this plant as safe for humans and pets.

9) White Sage Seed

Plants that grow from seeds of white sage
image source: Amazon

Rating: 8/10

Germination time: 2 to 3 weeks

White sage seed is a beautiful gift for gardening lovers, minimum of 400mg per packet; it is a sun-loving plant as it loves a hot sunny day; in summer, you should keep them in your garden, while in winter, you should keep them indoors because in winter temperature drops below 20. It’s difficult for him to grow at that temperature; it can grow up to 6-inch-tall and 4-inch-wide, no fertilizer is required, it needs low watering, all are non-GMO and healthy, and it must follow the instructions written on each packet.


What temp kills grains?

When the temperature goes above 108F, grains begin to die. Maintain the temperature written in the instructions on the back of the grains packet.

10) Oxalis Triangularis

Oxalis Triangularis
image source: Amazon

Rating: 8/10

Germination time: 6 weeks

Oxalis triangularis is a low-maintained indoor plant that increases the beauty of your home; non-gardeners fall in love by seeing its beauty. Oxalis triangularis is highly photophilic, which means they open its blooms and leaves in response to light, watering when the soil seems dry. Ten bulbs are included in the package; Oxalis actively grow and flower from fall to spring.


How do you care for oxalis triangularis?

To keep this healthy plant, use well-drained soil, do watering when the ground seems dry, give fertilizers after three weeks, place it in bright light, and keep the indoor temperature between 65F to 80F.


Indoor greenery is essential for every plant lover. We recommended 11 beautiful indoor plants that grow from seeds and make a lovely relaxing environment, increase our mental health by reducing stress, making our mood happy, overcoming fatigue, and teaching to be tolerated. We give all the necessary information about the above products. If you are good at seed propagation, purchase your favorite indoor, according to your wish.

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